DISPLAYING CHILDREN’S ARTWORK… and the importance of why we should do it

There are many reasons in child development why children’s artwork should be displayed, but the one I treasure the most is…  VALUE.

Whether at home on the front of the refrigerator, taped to a bathroom mirror, over a workbench in the garage, the dashboard of a car, inside a pantry door, or if you’re a teacher, rotating often the students’ artwork on the bulletin board, the feeling is the same – “I am valued for who I am.”

They are accepted for who they are.  They are visible.  They are creative.  They are cherished.  They are individuals.  They are important.  They are competent – they completed something.  Their imagination is there for all to see, and it’s valued.  They are valued, appreciated, and respected.

A child is never too young or never too old to have their artwork displayed.  You’re encouraging a list of good things when you encourage a child to do art, and even more good things when it’s displayed.   And, you are encouraging decision-making skills when you hold-up two pieces of art and ask, “Which one would you like to put on the front of the refrigerator?”  As time passes, comparing their growth in art also builds great confidence and self-esteem.

Asking questions about the art stimulates the imagination, too.  Purple leaves on a palm tree, how cool is that? What made you color it purple? (maybe the sun was going down).  Is that gorgeous red lipstick on your alligator? I love it! (she was going to a big birthday party).

Whether purple leaves or red lipstick, your little Picasso will be thrilled to see her or his artwork in a place where others can enjoy it, too!

If you wish to send Harry Pierre & PeTunia a picture of your child’s artwork, they would love to see it, and will respond with encouraging words and lots of hugs! As Harry Pierre says, “Art doesn’t have to be a certain way, it just has to be your way!”  Send pictures to info@harrypierre.com.

–Debbie Caldwell


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