Welcome to our Parents Creative Center … this is Your Puddlesworth Cafe!  Here, we have established a place for parents and teachers and caregivers of young children to contribute and share ideas for entertaining, learning, caring, and assisting the early enrichment of theirs and other children.   Your creative input will help other adults and their little buddies.   It is our hope and desire that, with Harry Pierre & PeTunia’s youthful, enjoyable characters, children everywhere will be better prepared for first schooling and even for life.

The founders of Harry Pierre & PeTunia & the Puddlesworth family created what we desire for children everywhere:  soft, friendly, loveable characters that provide a new, higher level of entertainment and assistance to the parents of young children.  Please let us know what you feel about them!  We focus on academics, communication & social behavioral skills, and art enrichment, and more, in our videos.

We welcome any comments that will help us assist you in making children’s lives richer, making children laugh harder, and making them believe they are what they are – beautiful and unique in their own special way!

Please ask questions, provide insights, and help us all out with your comments and suggestions.

–Debbie, Gladys and Jim

Business related comments and questions … visit us at  http://www.harrypierre.com

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